3 best free website builders for small business

3 best free website builders for small business

Every business owner either small or big wants to grow your business whether informational stuff to worldwide. But for the business owner, you can sell products with his physical shop. You can only sell products to a specific country or area, but What if he wants to sell his business worldwide. In the back 10 years ago, but as nowadays this could be possible in this era, Where everyone can sell your product to worldwide.

Even if You didn’t have too much budget he can sell his product. You can show your product on the internet with free website builders on the internet. You just need to follow these steps to get a free website for showing your business.

Which types of website are available in the market?

There are many free website builders in the market, but we are briefly explaining those are experiments by the world wide user and gave good feedback with their speed and design. You can choose one of them depending on your needs. In the end, we will explain which website builder will perform best in which business you are running. Keep Reading.

1. Most used Free website builder WordPress.com

Basically, there are two versions of WordPress in the market, first one is WordPress.com, and the second one is WordPress.org, But the first one is free that we will discuss here and the second one is also almost free with unlimited flexibility from the WordPress community. You can read about WordPress.org here.

Remember one thing what stuff we are following here is totally free.

Let’s dive into our free WordPress website builder topic, WordPress.com is a free website builder on the internet that we can use for our personal blog or any other website that could be anything.

The first step is that you have to visit WordPress.com and you will get this type of website to look like the following image. Then next is to click on the start your website on wordpress.com for free.

wordpress website builder

The second step is you need to make an account on this website by entering the credentials like Email, Username, password, etc.

second step of website builder

The fourth step is to choose the domain name on this page and enter the domain name whatever you would like to put the name.

( Remember domain name is like an address where you can visit your website in future as well as a user can also visit with this name )

third step of website builder

The last step of the account is to choose a plan from different plans. As we said we are going to make a free website or blog then are going to create a blog with the free plan, to get the free plan you need to click on it to start for free.

the last step
And that is all we have created our first free website using a free website builder.

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