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How to Fix WordPress Updating Failed / Publishing Failed Error

Are you facing a WordPress Page editor issue like Looks like you are probably an offline error, Right?

Here is the solution that you can follow to solve this type of issue in two main different ways.

Reason for failing to WordPress page publish failure?

Well, there is the reason for having editor issues is using the secure sockets layer ( SSL ). Yes, SSL is the main reason for facing this type of issue. Because when we published the page or post the permalinks will be changed to our main heading. Then it will be published. But when we are using free SSL like Cloudflare and other different types of free SSL provider services. It comes with our front.

How much time it will take to solve Looks like you are probably an offline error?

There is no time limit but mostly it will take only three to two minutes. But it depends on the server time and SSL services provider.

First Solution for the failure of this type of issue.

Let’s discuss the solution to this issue. First, you can install the plugin Name Really Simple SSL. And configure it and see what it can do for solving this issue. If you do not know how to install a plugin then here is how you can

Tip: I recommend you install this and configure all the settings one by one. Before configuring please take a backup of your site so if you still face any other issue with this you, already have a backup.

Second Solution for WordPress page publishing failed

Last but not least solution for this error. Now you have to install another plugin Named Classic Editor. This is also an editor but it is an old type WordPress editor-shaped plugin. Try to publish the page and post in this editor. If this will not work for you then I recommend you to please change the free SSL service to paid service.

Hoping this will help you out.

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