What is Hosting, or WordPress hosting?


Hosting or WordPress hosting?

Hosting is a place Where you build your website for your online presence. Where you and every other person that wants to visit your website can easily visit with just your domain name ( we will cover the domain name below ).

What are Hosting companies and hosting plans?

Every Hosting company has different Plans for hosting like Quick, Reliable, and Unmetered Hosting For Your Online Business. You can store different websites on this hosting like custom-made websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP ( these are the coding languages for building your websites ). But Thanks to WordPress ( WordPress still needs hosting for running a website) and the team that Makes It Easy To Create and Register a website for your online business presence. For making or designing your own website you just need hosting and a Domain Name For Your New Website.

So what is a domain name?

Basically, the domain is the Addresses for your domain like “yourstore.com”. And you can put the domain name as what you like its depends on your business or keyword that is nearly meet to your business.

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