Which is the Best Hosting for WordPress blog?

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Hosting for a blog, the website totally depends on the targeted country, and Niche. If you have a blog of micro-niche then you should go for shared hosting as a start and then you need to go for VPS hosting or cloud hosting when you will get nice visitors. You can give them a Good Experience to all of the users that user’s want to visit your blog.

For WordPress website hosting will be different and Depend on the Niche plus the targeted audience. Now the most of the user wants to visit the website through their mobile. If you are planning a website for an eCommerce brand then you should go for VPS hosting that will give you a more boost. If you are starting a website with a tight budget then you can go with Cheap hosting like shared hosting but do remember you should purchase shared hosting from a good reputable hosting Company like Bluehost, GoDaddy, SiteGround.  And with VPS hosting your user will get a fast experience. If you get more visitors and after then you should move to cloud hosting.

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